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Smokey Garage Studios

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Studio Musicians:

Smokey Garage Studios can provide a list of studio musicians that can help to complete your project.  Eventually I'd like the list to be a great referral source whether or not you record at SGS.
If you are a musician and would like to be placed on the referral list, please email me your biography and a demo of your music if possible.
Also, please include your price in cost per hour and cost per day or session.  Include your contact information and let me know if its OK to give your info to prospective clients.

Many Studio Musicians are available:

names and contacts can be discussed depending on your needs.

Callie Cash

Callie Cash is a wonderfully talented up and coming unsigned pop/soul/country/folk singer song writer from Stanwood WA.
Band includes:
- Ed Weber -Piano
- Ken French - Drums
- Dean Schmidt - Bass
- Mark Colombo - Guitar
See her here:

Joe Daddy-O

Joe Daddy -O is a 7 piece swing band which plays new and contemporary Swing, Big Band, Neo Swing, Jump Blues and Pop
Here's our site:

Your Song Entertainment

Your Song Entertainment consists of Your Song DJ and Your Song Jazz Combo.
A versatile product for your wedding or party event.
One contact = live music (dinner / reception) + DJ (dance)
Pick either or both!

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