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Smokey Garage Studios

Please read these points before considering Smokey Garage Studios

Session Policies

Having fun and obtaining the best possible product are of equal importance, but a few simple rules are mentioned.
No drugs allowed, period.
If drugs are brought on the property, your project will be cancelled, and no refunds will be given for any payments that may have already been made.
Sorry, no smoking inside.
The highest level of repect and professionalism is expected.  This is my home, please treat it as such. 
Thats it, are these really rules?
It is usually recommended that you have your project professionally mastered at another facility once the mixing and premastering has been completed.  Mastering involves several processes and is one of the final steps used to create that ultimate polish.  See the links section for the mastering facilities that are recommended.  I can also help arrange this step if needed.
Mastering rates vary, so please inquire with them as to the costs that may be involved.

Contracts and Policies

Contracts are available prior to sessions.
Every effort has been made to ensure a nice sounding recording room.  There is over 500 square feet of bass traps and large sound diffusers in the recording area.  However, the room is not soundproof and may result in a few issues.
Due to the residential surroundings, music volumes may have restrictions based on time of the day / evening.  Respect my requests.  If a forced change in the volume becomes necessary, and it impacts on the recording, then you will not be charged during this time of restriction. 
Nearby or ambient noises may become an issue.  Usually these are short lived.  There is a small airport nearby, and the neighbors have a right to mow their lawns and use their air blowers.  If noises make it so that the recording becomes compromised, then time-outs may be neccessary. You will not be charged for such times if recording is ceased due to these activities.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
You can be present for mixing.  Only those people intimately involved with the recording are requested to be present for recording and mixing. ie. I request that "friends" not be invited due to the nature of the surroundings, and the restricted space for recording and mixing.

Do you have any questions? Send me an e-mail at:

Smokey Garage Studios, Arlington  / Smokey Point, WA