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Smokey Garage Studios

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Smokey Garage Recording and Production
Smokey Garage Recording and Production

Big studio results, personal studio feel.  
BRAND:  A boutique-type private home studio.  Focused on musicians, your performances, value and results.  
Any and all music genres welcome.
With a wide array of top name quality gear and with years of recording and engineering experience, your recordings will surely meet or exceed your expectations.
The prices are the most competative you will find for any studio of serious performance.
Musicianship, rapport and creativity are the principles behind the creation and mission of Smokey Garage Studios. 
I am ASCAP licenced to help with publishing.
SGS is a full service professional recording studio.  From tracking to mixing and pre-mastering.  24 track digital recording using RADAR iZ technology with Nyquist converters.  Help with CD duplication and packaging, jacket artwork and design and publication for sales is also available.  SGS is designed for musicians by musicians.  Inspired by value and respect, your experience will be relaxed, personal, comprehensive, productive.  This is a home / garage based studio.  The recording space is thouroughly acoustically treated.
I will capture your sound and give you the best opportunity to create your success. Whether you are looking for a full album to launch your career, a demo to get you started, or just want to have fun whilst putting your music down for nostalgia, Smokey Garage Studios is there to meet your needs.
I will work closely with you to help create the musical recording deserved of your commitment and hard work.

Help with writing, arrangements and an assortment of profoessional studio musicians to execute the parts are available on request.
The home / garage studio boasts a wide range of on-site instruments available from upright piano, drum kits, assortment of guitars and cabs, keys, midi sound modules,  Roland MV8000 production sound studio,  to name a few, to help create the perfect professional finishing touches.

Musicianship. Inspiration. Dedication. Rapport.

Dina Washington pounds a U47, NYC 1955
photo: Herman Leonard c.2001


Smokey Garage Studios, Arlington / Smokey Point,  WA